"In A World…" became one of the most recognized phases in movie promotion, even though most people don’t have a clue who said it.  The phrase was made famous by the late, great voiceover artist Don LaFontaine.  In this wacky gender-challenging role, writer, director, and star Lake Bell plays Carol, the daughter of one of Don LaFontaine’s runner ups as best known voiceover artists in the movie business.

With LaFontaine dead, the question is now open as to who is the next greatest voice of this generation?  Carol’s father, Sam Sotto (Fred Malamed) is certainly in the running, and in fact is about to receive the lifetime achievement award at the upcoming Golden Trailers Awards, a sort of runner-up event to the Oscars.

Also in the running is Gustav (Ken Marino), a pompous young talent that Sam sees as his heir apparent as well as the son he never had.  The one person who never shows up on this list is Sam’s daughter Carol, even though she has inherited Sam’s gene pool of talent.  Carol is chided by her father for trying to enter “a man’s world”, evoking a kind of 1960’s chauvinism fifty years beyond its time.  Sam not only speaks as a male from “Mad Men”, but he lives out his relationships in the same way, having divorced Carol’s mother and taken up with a girlfriend the age of his daughter.

Carol’s talent is great, though, and it is encouraged by a fellow voice-industry colleague, Louis (Demetri Martin), who is both charmed by her and is the builder of her confidence.  Their comic and sexual chemistry help her grow into a mature human being and professional artist.

The plot thickens when it is announced that a “Hunger Games” type of series is about to be produced in Hollywood, and the Producer is going to bring back the memory of Don LaFountaine and begin the Trailer with the famous words, “In a world…”  This is the moment for stardom for the next greatest voice of a generation!  To achieve this blockbuster entrance, the Producer played by Geena Davis, sets up a contest between Sam, Ken, and Carol!  Sam and Ken are shocked, and a variety of escapades ensue. 

It doesn’t take long to find out who wins and it is ironically, at the Golden Trailer Awards, the same show that is giving Sam his lifetime achievement award, where the announcement of the winner is made.  Sam, exhibiting the maturity, or lack of it, to which we have become accustomed, cries like a baby.  It is here where Sam has to suck it up and make a decision whether to be an adult, or not.

“In A World” may not be a great commentary on father-daughter relationships, but it does provide an opportunity for healing within one wacky family.  It is also an amusing look at a part of Hollywood that most of us take for granted. This movie may not make your top ten list of forever favorites, but it will entertain you through a bag of popcorn.


Discussion for those who have seen this film:

1. The sexist limitations often placed by men on women has created a pervasive injustice.  What are you doing to break down those walls?

2. Having confidence to use her obvious gifts came to Carol through the love of a man.  What do you think the film makers were saying by this?

3. The importance of the voice-over artists are often underestimated.  How much do these artists matter to you in enjoying a film?

Posted on March 30, 2014 and filed under 2.5 STARS, WEAK.