Recognizing the power that films have to influence and reflect the human condition, on the eve of the Academy Awards we present our own



Best Picture:  “Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King.”

Placed within a fictional world in which evil is personified in a land of darkness beneath the fires of Mount Doom, the story of the struggle between good and evil continues from the first two films of the Tolkien trilogy.  Easier to understand and resplendent with spiritual and social messages, this film is a superb conclusion, powerfully illustrating that evil cannot be defeated by might alone. For the entire review click here


Best Picture Depicting Spiritual Values:  “The Fighting Temptations.”  

Gospel music permeates this film in a way that not only honors Jesus and the classic African-American gospel choir, but also other forms of gospel music representative of Christian worship today.  The story follows the life of a young man who has left the church and struggled in the secular world, only to regain his life by returning to his church roots. The film’s moral and spiritual messages are predictable yet transformational. For the entire review click here


Best Picture Depicting Community Values:  “Seabiscuit.”  

In this inspiring story, the lives of three men and a horse, all battered but not yet broken, come together in a caring community and triumph of spirit.  Based on the true story of the feisty bay thoroughbred that was rejected as a loser only to come back and beat the Triple Crown winner, this film lifts the spirits of all who have ever been down and out. For the entire review click here


Best Picture Depicting Personal Growth: “Finding Nemo.”  

A wonderful story of a father clownfish who is searching for his son Nemo who has gotten lost in the ocean.  Many join in the search, but it is Nemo himself who learns an important coming-of-age lesson.  During this time of trial, he comes to know what it means to be discerning, trustful and courageous.  In the end, it is his self-confidence that teaches his father how to let go of his own fear. For the entire review click here  


Best Actor In An Inspirational Role:  “Henry Ian Cusick in The Gospel Of John.”  

Based on the true life of Jesus of Nazareth, the story of Jesus’ (Henry Ian Cusick) life does not begin with the Bethlehem birth told in Matthew and Luke, but with the introductory explanations of the beloved disciple John and the preaching of John the Baptist.  The presentation of the life of Jesus in visual form is a powerful representation of events that has changed the course of human history.

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