THEO: Teaching Children God’s Love


Home Release Review: Christian/Educational

Telling the stories of the Bible is the responsibility of every generation to the next.  Doing so in ways that are both engaging and enlightening is why Christians often turn to the latest in technology to assist them.  This seems to be the thinking behind Whitestone Media’s “THEO:  Teaching Children God’s Love.”


Although we don’t normally review educational films, in this instance we’re stepping out of our usual column on the social and spiritual messages found within films, to highlight this new effort.  Not as creative as “Veggie Tales” with its talking vegetables, Theo strikes the chord of a more direct telling of the biblical stories. 


Theo is a kind and elderly Englishman whose theological training and extensive library includes some shoeboxes with the supplies for telling children the stories of Scripture.  Singing the hymns of the faith appropriate to the lesson, Theo’s comical sidekicks are two mice named Luther and Belfry.


In their volume, God’s Love, for example, there are several episodes each focusing on an important area of life taught by Scripture.  The first is “Living Faith” focusing on the life of Abraham, the second is “Loving Obedience” with the story of Jonah, the third is “Forgiveness” based on Jesus’ parable of the unforgiving servant.  Using a whimsical set-up and a reliable telling of the Bible, the stories are geared for children in both format and message.


The work of Michael, Brandon and Lisa Joen, the Whitestone Media team is completed with Daniel Jacob Horine.  Although this film is specifically for the church setting and the Christian world, it will be interesting to see what this team creates for the future.

Posted on December 4, 2013 .